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Luxurious Direct Mail

No matter what business you are in, you want everything you do, write, print and send to look the best of the best. And, often, you get stuck with the thought that in order for things to look the best of the best, you have to spend a lot of money. But, simple design can easily give the right impression and assure your customer that you are the best of the best. Different elements will exude the notion of expensive and elegance. The right design team can create an image that says quality and sophistication without breaking the bank.

But, first, let’s define the meaning of luxurious direct mail. The first things that come to mind is a wedding invitation or a graduation announcement. The paper, the embossing, the velvet feel of the lettering are all features that we equate to quality and luxury. The curl of the font and the deep colors of the ink are other elements that we look for. The envelope is the first impression of high quality that greet the receiver. People automatically think that things of higher status comes in envelopes, not postcards or brochures. And using textured envelopes or a heavier paper stock will also announce the luxury ahead. The fonts and ink are also drivers of the impression of luxury and high status. By using foil, metallic inks, soft background patterns, and varnishes, you can create a mailing piece that people will keep just for the beauty of it. These unique design elements with effective content, can create a luxurious experience that will ensure recipients remember you and your business.

Luxury extends on into the insides of the envelope with the letters or inserts. Paper stock that is thicker and rigid feels good to the touch and authentic. The receiver wants to feel the important piece of paper and to know that it is worth its weight. The way a letter or brochure is folded matters also not only in the method and sequence that it opens, but in the information stream that keeps a customer interested.