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Direct Mail and Marketing Strategy

Seventy eight percent of consumers have unsubscribed from a companies email list because they receive too many emails. Email marketing has become so overcrowded that people don’t want to take it anymore. Direct mail could be the big difference in getting your message out into the world, responded to and a deal made. Your main objective is to route the receiver to your website where you can nurture them as a customer. Any piece of mail you send will direct them throughout the process to a landing page or a code they can enter on your website. The more information you have about what kinds of offers they respond to, the better you can speak to their specific needs.

First, you must identify your audience. In the beginning of a marketing campaign, you should be focused on your prospects preferences and needs. Your campaign should stand out to people who are most likely to buy your product or service. Inbound is all about meeting prospective customers where they are. Consider what you receive in your own mailbox and what you keep and what you throw away. Those pieces of mail that ended up in the trash bin more than likely weren’t relevant to your needs. This is what you have to consider with your own prospects. What are their needs and how can you meet them?

First, you need to make the content on your direct mail piece speak to the individual. That means that you will have to divide your mailing list into sections signifying what stage the person is in for buying your product or service. This will allow you to send at the right time with your direct mail. You need to maintain an awareness of your prospects’ stage in the buyer’s cycle. This gives you a lead above your competitors because you understand their process.