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You have worked hard on developing an email list that helps your business grow. And that is great! But, while growing that list, some of those names tend to fall off into the abyss. The reasons are as many as there are reasons. People are no longer interested. They don’t use the email address anymore. They died. An email list will have active names disappear at a rate of about 22 percent per year. Your contacts' email addresses change as they move, opt-out of your email communication, or abandon the email address. Some only use the address to fill out forms on websites and you can’t get hold of them otherwise..

As a business owner who does the marketing, it is your duty to constantly add new contacts to your email list so that your marketing campaigns have the numbers for good responses.The following is a list of ideas to grow your email list and keep it growing forever and ever!

First, write amazing content for your email. You want people to stay on your list and you want them to be so intrigued with your content that they forward the email to others.

Urge your email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including buttons that say "Email to a Friend" or “Share”. Make those buttons as large as you can. This allows you to approach new contacts, networks, friends, and colleagues who might sign up for your list. And then, at the bottom of your emails, include a "Subscribe" box that they can fill out a quick email address and send in.

Create different types of email subscriptions that you can send targeted content to specific people on your email list. Recipients will click through because they have been targeted for their particular interests.

Write a free ebook. These are popular for lead generation. Require visitors to provide their email address in order to download it. Write checklists for particular projects and guides for the details of that project, both requiring email addresses.

When promoting an offer to your email list, also offer it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Use every resource you have to get your information seen and then have the reader fill in their email address for further information. Promote offers on your timeline and be sure to add sharing buttons to the landing pages.

Pinterest is a perfect platform to promote offers that require email sign-up. Create a Pinterest board where you pin a well-designed cover of your ebooks. Repin to other places on Pinterest that have the same subject matter as your business.

Link any offers that capture email signups throughout your website. Keep your offers up front and very visible, and include calls to action on every page of your website, places such as your website's homepage, the main page of your blog, your “about us” page, and your “contact us” page.

If you have partner websites of your own or others, run a promotion that targets a new audience to collect email addresses from a fresh source.

Host a partner marketing offer like a webinar or a training video and ask them to promote the registration to their audience. Exchange leads when the event is over.

You can collect email addresses at events like trade shows or art shows or boat shows or any outside show that you would display your business and then put them into your database. Send the new contacts a welcome email that confirms their email address.

Also collect email addresses at chamber of commerce functions, conferences, educational panels and other community events.

Encourage prospects in your direct mail marketing campaigns, to sign up with their email address to receive your mail.

These are just a few examples and ideas you can use to grow your email mailing list. If you take on building a list as a major job and stick with it collecting addresses everywhere you go, your email list will always have a growing and fresh list of contacts.

At Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, we can provide highly-targeted mailing lists for your direct mail campaign. We base the lists we aggregate for you on your desired zip code or general area and the types of prospects you’d like to target for mailing. Our mailing lists are highly reliable and contain the most up-to-date addresses as provided by the United States Postal Service. And best of all - our mailing list costs are some of the most affordable out there! No high per-record fees or hidden charges. We also offer the service to run your mailing lists through an NCOA Update, which takes the names and addresses in your lists, scrubs it agains the available USPS data, and updates all your records with appropriate forwarding addresses, as well as appending Zip+4 codes. We pride ourselves in providing mailing lists that are highly accurate - resulting in less return mail, fewer wasted material costs and spoiled postage - and ensuring your direct mail gets delivered to the right house every time!

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