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SEO Myths

There is an ever changing world out there and it is called search engine optimization. Updates, search sites, improvement in data, improvement in display and on and on, it feels like you don’t know where to turn as you have to adapt to the changes on a daily basis. These changes also cause some mis-information to be spread. With a little digging, here are a few false impressions about SEO.

Having the right SEO is going to get you lots of traffic to your website. Although having the right SEO will get traffic, in order to get strong and consistent traffic, you need to invest in technical expertise of the website and into content to ensure that the site ranks well.

Some people believe that if you just focus on SEO, you will have all the leads you will ever need. Do not put your entire budget into SEO. SEO needs to be just one aspect of the marketing plan. Exposure, response, awareness also all contribute to obtaining the leads.

People have been convinced that if your website is ranked right up there, then all of your problems are solved! Well, there is a lot more to it than that! You have to make sure that the website is mobile friendly, has engaging content and unique identification on each page. You also need link connections and blogs.