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Tell a Story With Your Direct Mail Marketing

Everyone enjoys a good story. They remember a good story. And as marketing gets more personal and targeted, a good story is the best way to involve the receiver. If you have a great product or service to sell, then you should automatically have a great story to tell. Stories make things easier to understand. Stories spread an idea. They evoke an emotional response, as you can put yourself in the story or relate it to someone you know or an experience you’ve had. A creative story retains the customers’ attention. Emotions are at the root of why people buy many things. Emotional content shows the customer how they will feel using the product or service.. Each story that you tell will have a beginning, middle and an end and your direct mail content should follow that structure.

A strong lead line is how you get started. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… lines that make you want to read further. You have approximately eight seconds to grab someone’s attention and your message must be clear in bothe the headline and in the first line. In order to tell a story, you will need to take the message and build it in up to the offer. This story must be compelling in order to keep the reader engaged. Because everyone is looking for a deal these days, the story can take the reader to the deal which is the big explosion.

In your storyline, make sure that you tell the person that you sent this direct mail that they are the chosen one. Flattery is a very big part of a sale. Ask the receiver a question to draw them into the storyline. A “what would you do” type of scenario. Make sure that the question is sincere or else they will ignore the rest of the message. These questions qualify the prospect. While writing your story, make sure that you solve the problem that the reader may have by showing how your product or service save the day and solves all problems.