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Using Images in Blog Posts

People are visual. They like to SEE things. That is why there are pictures included in instructions for putting things together, pictures on postcards, pictures on marketplace listings. People just want to see things. When it comes to blogs on your website, pictures or photos or images can increase the number of readers, followers, leads and subscribers. A recent statistic says that blogs with images get 94% more views than blogs or postings without. But, the type of pictures or photos that you include should not be just standard stock photos. They should be more. Blogging is not just about text written on a page. A strong blog is the combination of text, images, and other various elements such as videos and charts. The following is a list of suggestions about what kind of pictures or images to use that will increase the number of followers and traffic to your blog and to your website.

Images speak a thousand words. Eye catching visual content makes your blog posts look more appealing to the reader. This is true when you use the right image to convey your message because the image should be relevant to the context of the blog. Images also help get traffic from image search engines. But, in order to achieve this, you will need to name your images because this helps in driving traffic from these search engines. Use keywords in the image text and description. Blogs and posts that are shared on social media get more interaction when there is visual content. This also compels readers to share the post or blog more than if there is not picture at all. And adding a photo or picture increases the length of your blog. It makes it look longer and more detailed in its content. As stated before, people are visual and images help people see things when explaining a complex subject.

It has been said that you should use one image for every 350 words.But... you should actually use as many images as you need to in order to communicate your concepts clearly. Because so much of our life revolves around images with our cell phones, computers and laptops, large televisions and even our watches, pictures are everywhere. So, it seems only natural that in posting a blog or a post and trying to connect to an audience that content is only a part of it and the visual images are the takeaway.

The featured image is the one that appears at the top of the post or blog and is the one that will be shared on social media. This image is what the blog is all about. It has to be the strongest picture of them all and tells the story. Put the headline right into the image and everything will be explained.

Use images of real people when you need a picture of people! These are much more engaging and relatable to the reader. From the time we are infants, we have a tendency to stare at faces. But make the picture genuine and not generic or decorative. Use images that are relevant to the blog and has a purpose such as illustrating a point of discussion.

Diagrams are a fast way to explain complex concepts. But they take a bit more work because you will have to create them. You can use Excel or Google Sheets to illustrate your point of view. And then, there are Infographics, Quote images, screenshots and GIFs that can get into further details.
Instead of using stock photos, use pictures that you take straight from your phone. Original, creative and on subject and one of a kind, these pictures