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Big Postcards Little Postcards

First, you have to answer the question “what is the purpose of this postcard”? Then, you have to determine the design of the postcard to convey that purpose. And the design will be about the message and whether it is short and quick or long and requiring lots of space. Announcing an event can be done easily and on a small card. A super sale with lots of inventory, on the other hand is probably best suited for a large postcard. You will also need to consider your other marketing materials such as letters, brochures and flyers and will the art coordinate throughout all of the pieces. The best size postcard generally is the one that expresses your marketing goals, will easily be embraced by your target market and, most important, fit into your budget.

The US Postal Service will also play a significant role in what size postcard you use for your marketing campaign. They determine the price. The price is set by its size and weight. First Class postcard rate is a rectangle at least 3.5 inches high by 5 inches long by .007 inches thick and no more than 4.25 inches high by 6 inches long by .016 inches thick. If your postcard is larger, then you are going to have to pay a little extra. Anything larger than the postcard maximum is considered a letter. Therefore, you’ll have to pay postage equivalent to a traditional envelope encased letter. Letters have maximum size allowances too. Your postcard can’t be bigger than 6 inches by 11.5 inches by .25 inches thick.

There isn’t an exact answer to which size you should use for your postcard campaign, but, there are a few styles that are more popular than others.The most commonly available is the standard size.This budget friendly postcard format is designed to reduce your costs while still delivering excellent results in the mail. The size is 4 inches by 6 inches. It does have a limited amount of space for art and message, but it is the most cost effective since it qualifies for the post office’s first class delivery times and the standard postcard mailing rate. These cards are perfect for things like announcements, reminders, save the dates, special offers, anything that has a minimal amount of content. This size is widely-used among advertisers who need to promote a single product, service, message, or event. The postcard works great with mass emails and has the opportunity to get your brand in front of the customer. If you have a short message, a small postcard may work perfectly. The type of business that should use the smallest size card is one that has relatively low competition in the market. The product or service offered should be easy to explain and can get the message across without clutter.

A large size postcard is 6 inches by 9 inche