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You must have the ability to reach out to your current and potential customers as a business. Direct mail is the easiest and most effective way to increase your brand awareness, promote sales and services, and announce new products and services. Direct Mail Service companies can help your business reach your customers.They offer a number of products such as postcards, brochures and letters and take care of designing and printing your mailers, as well as mailing hundreds or thousands of items at once. Many Direct Mailing Services also provide many mailing list options. They will target a specific zip code or filter their mailing lists to ensure you reach your target audience.

A Direct Mail Service company is a time saver because they work with clients to create one of a kind marketing campaigns that result in leads and sales. They help design campaigns that will captivate a targeted audience and resonate with them enough to respond to the offer. They will put together the materials and activate the mailing process. Developing a mailing list, printing the materials, and executing the event are all parts of their business model. But how do you find a company that will work with you to put together a plan that will give you success? The following is a list of things to look for in a Direct Mail Service company.

When looking for the best Direct Mail Service, choose a company that does it all. They should offer a variety of products, have design assistance, mailing options and additional features such as a short turnaround time that can enhance your sales.They need to have the experience. Ask if they have experience in the copywriting and design. They will need to understand the type of design and writing that works in direct mail. Ask how long the company has been in the mail business and to provide one or two examples of successful campaigns. You want to make sure that they are producing a quality mailer because this is a direct reflection on your business. Also, ask for their expertise. They are experts in their field after all, and suggestions are always a good thing! Inquire about whether they offer mailing list services. Mailing lists are current lists of names and addresses in a certain area. Several direct mail companies allow you to rent or buy these lists. They offer filtering capabilities so you can target a specific audience based on age, income, lifestyle or gender. Many services will also clean up lists to ensure you don’t have duplicate or incorrect addresses.

Find out about their knowledge of regulations & guidelines for sending mail. The wrong type of mailer can mean that you will pay a higher rate than necessary. Postal requirements are complex and may be difficult to keep track of, unless you are experienced in the mail industry. There needs to be room for a barcode for presorting on postcards and space for the stamping element. An error can mean that the your business has to pay full postage rate per piece resulting in a cost difference may not seem significant, but if you are mailing 10,000 pieces, it can add up. An experienced Direct Mail Service will take care of these types of mistakes and make sure that your mailing materials will match the USPS requirements.
A very important part of doing business, is knowing why things work and why they don’t. You will need a Direct Mail Service that has tracking abilities for your direct mail. Working with a service who has tracking mechanisms in place can help you not only prove the value of direct mail and provide data that will help you refine your campaigns. They should use technology to measure responses to each mail campaign. Ask if they have personalized URLs, custom landing pages and barcodes that can help you see how many people took action after receiving your mailpiece. Proper tracking abilities can help you manage your database, tweak your campaign strategy and successfully target future mailings.
Direct Mail Marketing is one of the best advertising strategies you or your business could utilize to reach customers and prospective clients. It is cost-effective, versatile, highly customizable, quick and easy to set up, reliable and helps you stand out from the typical marketing routines of your competitors. The advantages of direct mail marketing are limitless! Also, the results of your marketing efforts can be measured and tracked easily when using direct mail – no more complicated analytics or time wasted wondering what works and what doesn’t. Using highly-target mailing lists, coupled with unique letters and envelopes, direct mail campaigns ensure your potential customers heed your message by putting your advertisements directly into their hands. In the spam-riddled world of today’s online marketing, using direct mail to publicize yourself makes every cent of your marketing budget count with a high chance for a strong return on your investment. Everest Direct Mail and Marketing has helped countless businesses generate direct mail and email campaigns, as well as websites, email campaigns, outbound calling campaigns and so much more. Everest Direct Mail specializes in navigating the complex and often tedious USPS Postal Regulations while producing direct marketing efforts for our clients. We often produce business cards, magnets, table tents, tickets and other items as inserts into mail pieces.

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