Postcards for One and All

Forty percent of consumers have made a purchase in the last three months because of a direct mail piece they received.

The top purchasing influencer for Baby Boomers is direct mail.

9.8 billion catalogs were mailed and 2.9 billion coupons were redeemed in 2017.

54% of consumers said they want to receive mail from brands they’re interested in.

Direct mail delivers seven times the response of all digital channels combined.!

Landscapers, roofers, real estate professionals, schools, recreational programs, accountants, financial advisors, dentists, lawyers, publishers, management consulting, liquidity risk, management, startups, retailers and restaurants all use postcards for direct mail because it works. It also generates a higher return on investment.

The direct mail postcard is a powerful, yet very affordable, marketing tool for many types of businesses. With a compelling message on a 4” by 6” (or larger) postcard and the right mailing list of potential and current customers, you can get business coming to you without having a huge advertising budget. The key factors for a successful postcard direct mail campaign includeidentifying your ideal customer, organizing a message to mail out and following up effectively.

Postcards are versatile and have multiple uses. In a single mailing, you can seek business from prospective customers, and solicit repeat business from existing customers. You can use postcards as oversized business cards, hang tags for your products and mini-information sheets. Your postcards can "brand" you and your business in ways that most marketing materials cannot. Create a postcard mailer to announce things like new product or service, a new client, a new sale or special offer or invitation to sample a product or service, a new website launch, a new location or expansion, a new seminar or workshop or a new promotional event, such as a book signing or musical guest or entertainment for kids

Postcards are inexpensive to print and cost very little to send. Printing costs are lower than a full size direct mail package because you don't have envelopes, inserts and other materials that need printing. Also, as long as your postcard is 4-by-6 or smaller, your postage is at the lower postcard rate instead of the first class rate. The difference adds up when you're mailing out to a few thousand prospects.

Postcard direct mail can be easily tracked and results recorded. Print on your card a line that tells recipients to bring the card into your store for a special discount. Or it can ask them to use a special ordering code when purchasing from your website. You can measure the effectiveness of your campaign on several levels. When you analyze your campaign’s numbers, then you are equipped to adjust your campaign to maximize future success. If you include a special tracking code with each card mailing, you just ask recipients to enter that code into the order form on your website, or give it to the operator when they place a telephone order. This is an incentive to do business with you.

To maximize effectiveness, you should do a postcard mailer on a consistent basis monthly or at least quarterly. If prospects don't respond to your offer in a month, wait, because they may respond in a few months after becoming more familiar with your business through your ongoing mailers. A campaign that continues for a long period of time can gain your company not only recognition, but also a reputation. Send out a monthly “funny” card with interesting artwork, and people will not only look forward to the cards, but may even collect them! Postcards don't waste people's time because they don't have to open an envelope to read your message. Postcards don't take up a lot of space. Your customers can carry them in their pockets, or carry them in their purses. With the right balance of copy and graphics, you can grab recipients' attention from the very beginning.

Postcards are a great eye-catching, tangible marketing tool, formatted to your specific preferences and needs, with endless customization in a multitude of sizes – regular, oversized, and custom cut. We at Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, can create colorful, attention-grabbing designs with your images, logo, and any content you’d like to include – using your own design or one created uniquely for you by our talented and experienced designers. Postcards give a marketing advantage because they allow room for brief, targeted content; they’re an easy read, meaning less of a chance a client will get bored reading it, and no need to worry about open rates. Capture prospects’ attention through the visibility of a customized, colorful postcard in their mailbox and watch your response rates soar!

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