The Snap Pack Mailers

Snap pack mailers are sealed envelopes that are opened by tearing the perforated edges along the sides of the document to reveal the information inside. They are direct mail pieces created with a more “official” purpose in mind. They are designed in a way that a perforated strip or strips on the outside allows the recipient to open the envelope easily and quickly. Snap packs are often used to deliver important and time sensitive information. Their design generates a sense of urgency which helps lead to a high open rate and response rate. Snap pack mailers help protect private information. Companies need to be especially careful with customer information, so that they don’t become a target of identity theft. Snap pack mailers ensure that any mail tampering is obvious to customers and they can alert your company to possible fraud immediately.

Snap packs can be an integral marketing tool to help drive customer traffic or expand your existing customer base.They can be used to present special offers to customers as well. Snap pack mailers are a great marketing tool because they look professional and are personally sent to the recipient. Snap pack mailers can be perceived as a more official business advertisement or form of business correspondence. They can promote curiosity and concisely convey your message to your target audience. Snap packs can be an integral part of any complete marketing campaign. They not only increase the chances of prospects or customers opening and reading the direct mailing, but also garner very high response rates. Approximately 95 percent of all recipients will open these pressure-sealed mailers.

As a format, the snap pack mailer offers some very nice advantages:

Personalization – it can be fully personalized to the individual recipient

Engagement – the dotted line perforations on the side are hard to resist like bubble wrap!

Price – because everything is done on one machine, snap packs are highly automated and very affordable

Here are some guidelines on writing a snap pack letter.

Write the letter in the same way that you speak. Forget the high end talk! People want to read like someone is talking directly to them.Use language that is comfortable for your audience. And speak in a style and format that the audience will understand.

The best direct mail is very personnel direct mail. Write to the person you know best, say the things to them that you know are important about your property, and then send it to everybody you feel is a prospect and a customer. Personal direct mail is the best direct mail.

You need to write to the audience at a level that makes them comfortable with doing business with you.

Tell funny stories. Be entertaining. Make a point. Be dramatic. Share a case history. Include testimonials. But never exaggerate. Always be true.

Make sure you have something very specific to say, and then present it in such a way that the audience can read it and understand it.

Make the very best offer possible to your audience. An offer is over and above your features and benefits. What is the customer going to get if they do business with you.

Ask your audience for the order, the invitation, to call , too come into your property, to make a reservation, to send money... to do whatever it is you want them to do.

With Snap Pack Mailers the professional, attractive and easy to read format, coupled with their workable tear off strips, snap packs are a great marketing tool as they are almost always opened!

At Everest Direct Mail & Marketing, we can help you design your Snap Pack Mailers. You can even add a call-to-action or urgency phrase to get an even higher chance at your mailer being opened and read. Inside of the letter, we can place any personalized letter content, complete with multiple merge fields and full text. Let us help you grow your prospect numbers into sales!

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