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Tracking Direct Mail Campaigns

The most critical part of a direct mail campaign is assessing the results. You need to analyze whether the money spent was worth it. If you used two or more different pieces of mail, you need to know which one worked and by how much. And if you used a couple of different mailing lists, you will need to understand which one got the higher response and why. Tracking a direct mail campaign is about understanding every element of the mailing you just sent out so you can refine everything you do for future mailings. This is the systematic way of getting better results in the future and grow your business. Learn from mistakes and dig deeper into understanding.

There are a couple of things you can do to make tracking easy. First, use a dedicated telephone line, a particular website with its own URL or a landing page on your website. When a phone call or inquiry comes in, you will know that the only people responding came from the direct mail campaign. You can also put a tracking code or coupon on the mailing piece.

Collecting information from every customer and their order is the next step in your tracking mission. You need as much vital information as possible. Design the order form both online and paper to collect all of the needed information. And when a phone call comes in, train operators to ask the same questions.

Keep track of the number of responses that come in both physically, online and phone calls. Make sure that you know which responses came in from which mailing list, type of mailer and what exactly they are responding to. If you are comparing one mailer against another that is a bit different, make sure that they are recognized in house as different pieces. Codes and identifications should be different for each one and aligned with the coordinating mailing lists. The code should be printed on each mailing piece that you send out either as part of the address label or directly on the piece itself. When orders start coming in, you c