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Promotional Videos

Showcasing your business and its products and services is the main way that you get your customer interested enough to purchase. Promotional Videos are a perfect method to promote and showcase all that you have to offer. No longer is video marketing expensive or full of heavy equipment and thousands of hours of editing. There are many options that small businesses can take advantage of. More businesses are taking their television and radio budget and using it for video production where they then post the finished piece on the internet on sites such as YouTube. Video can also boost your search engine rankings and is an effective way to increase customer engagement. A business that understands their customers and what information they are looking for can get it to them by way of a video! Videos can boost customer engagement, increase the time spent on a website and help convert sales. You can create a dynamic website by using video that is clever, creative and has a strong purpose. There are many video platforms that you can place your work. YouTube, Vimeo and even Facebook and Twitter are places to bring in the crowds.

So, making a video can be your Everything! But, what kind of video do you make? How about making a video all about you and your business!! It can be an introduction into what your business is all about; how it got started; what it stands for. You can show off your products or services. Put the owner in front of the camera and make them a star. Let them share the company's mission statement and their vision for the future. Make it interesting and light and share it on all social media platforms with video applications. Not only does this get the conversation going, but it can create an image right from the start.

How you use video from this point will depend on what kind of business you have and the products and services you offer. If products are involved, create a “demo”. This is where you show how the product can be used. Even if it is a coffee mug, setting the mug in the proper light with a steaming cup of cocoa and an antique spoon will tell the story about that mug. Furniture or living room arrangements can be shot from a user’s point of view sitting in the overstuffed chair while talking to someone sitting on the couch and both drink cocoa from coffee mugs on the side table! Show off the product by showing how it feels and what it is made of gives the view the chance to experience the product before buying.

How To videos are very popular on all platforms. If you have a special service that you can demonstrate on a short video, people can understand how the service you offer can benefit them. Perhaps you sell a product that does multiple tasks. Make a video!

Testimonials from your customers are a great addition to your website. Interview people at the time of their purchase or during a service call and put it on your website. This should look as real and authentic as possible. Post the customer who is thrilled with your business!

You can create a strong following if your videos are bold, humorous and interesting. Regulars to your pages are the base customer. You want them to share your videos so make them shareable with content that tells a story and has a theme that will interest many! Post them on a regular and frequent schedule and encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Also, add music to all of your videos. You can buy music that is shareable on several sites and they have not only the popular artists but also emerging music and acts.

Promotions and special deals videos are perfect for sharing on social media. Coordinate with your direct mail campaign and post the videos at the same time the mail g