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Bulk Mail and Addressing Services

Businesses need to send mail to customers, prospects and general mailing lists. They need to make announcements, send invitations, show off accomplishments and declare successes. If a business has been in business for a while, they have a mailing list that can go on for pages. So, when it is time to mail out announcements, invitations, accomplishments and successes, they need to use the best and cheapest mailing avenue they can. Bulk mail or commercial mail is the category of shipping that you can send your mail piece at a reduced rate if you have a large number of items to send.

Bulk prices are lower than single piece prices. Bulk mailing ranges from sending out a dozen invitations to mailing several hundred coupons. Your company’s message is repeated on all the mail pieces that are sent out. The reason for this lower level of pricing is because you do some of the work that otherwise would have to be done by the Postal Service. You sort the mail by zip code and then you bring it to the US Postal Processing and Distribution Center. The Postal Service's costs are reduced and you pay less postage. You will need a mailing permit and pay an annual mailing fee. You will have to pay postage by way of metered postage or a permit imprint. You need to be aware of the size, shape and weight of each mail piece and make sure that your addresses are correct. If you do your job, the Postal Service will do their job by saving your company a great deal of money.

There are many reasons to send out bulk or commercial mail and there are many different and creative forms that the messages can take.

You can send out notifications of special discounts to build customer loyalty. Special discounts and offers let customers know that you appreciation their business. This develops loyalty and draws customers.

Newsletters are perfect for bulk mailing. Whether they are educational, community or utility, newsletters gain credibility for a business and allows them to answer common questions.

Sales letters are probably the most common bulk mail that is sent out and it has one purpose - to generate sales. These types of bulk mailings work well with a fully loaded marketing campaign. Sales letters are a good way to follow up on prospects and leads developed at trade shows. Sales letters are an important step in taking a prospect into a sale.

Flyers are great for creating an awareness of your company. You can show off your products and your services. Flyers should be brief and to the point. They make announcements and create curiosity about what is new and exciting.

Sending out greeting cards in bulk to all of your current customers and to prospects allows you to develop a campaign of good will. You can send a card for the regular holiday season or catch everyone delightfully off guard by sending out a greeting card on National Best Friends Day (June 8). Anniversaries are also good opportunities to thank customers for their support.

Whether you’re sending out a general invitation for your business or just need your pre-printed envelopes addressed, Everest Direct Mail & Marketing can help create and organize your large volumes of mail. We provide a streamlined service to process your bulk mail orders. Bulk mail is simply large quantities of mail going out at one time with reduced postage costs. Regardless of if you’d like us to process and address 500 or 50,000 pieces of mail, our skilled and fast production staff can get your bulk mail processed, addressed, and out the door in just a few days…saving you time in addressing envelopes yourself and money on postage!

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