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High-Response Postcard Campaigns

Summer is a great time of year to send out postcards for direct mail campaigns. People love receiving them because they remind them of friends on vacation. But, you are sending them out to generate leads, so you have to concentrate on what kinds of postcards to send and their strategy. You have to plan the direct marketing campaign and figure out the goal. Is this about introducing yourself to the community or are you a well established business that wants to simply offer a thank you coupon for the support of your business all these years? You need to ask the right questions before you design the postcard and send it out.

Each new campaign has its own goals and ideas. The way you approach the goals will determine the art and the content of the postcard. If you have a lot to talk about, you may want to consider an oversized card. It can be divided up into sections that allows for a variety of ideas and information. Or, perhaps, you are introducing a new product and just want to entice the receiver enough to come into the front door of your shop. Either way, define your goal.

Next, decide what you want the receiver to do. You always send out a postcard with a call to action. But, what is that action? Do you want them to call, sign up, attend, come in or join something? Are you announcing a promotion or a new location? Are you introducing a new product or service? Have you opened a new club or organization? What do they do?

Your overall goal for your postcard campaign should be for bigger profits, more return on your investment and a good response rate.