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Email Subject Lines to Increase Opens

Getting someone to open your email can seem like pulling teeth! It is the Subject Line that grabs their attention first, If it is intriguing, they will open the email. If it is dull, they will send it to trash. Almost half of all emails are opened based solely on the subject line. The rest of the emails are thrown away because the receiver thinks it is spam. Your Subject Line is a powerful tool in making or breaking an email campaign. You can get people to open emails by simply playing on their basic way of being… their emotions. With a bit of mental guidance and by using the right words, emails will be opened because of the Subject Lines created from the following lists.


Make ‘em laugh! Make ‘em laugh! Make ‘em laugh! Subject lines that catch people off guard and makes them laugh are perfect for getting the receiver to open the email! Because the reader laughed, they are now involved and with a commitment like that, they have to open their mail.

Mom’s gonna love this

Seriously. We’d like to thank you.

Crazy cubicle worker gets six pack abs

Love the smell of copy in the morning

The first rule of shaving is


Everyone likes to know what is underneath the forbidden door. The first thing a child does when a parent yells “Don’t go in there!” … they go in there. The same can be said for an email. Tell them not to open it, and they will open it. Give them a question, and they will want to answer it. Offer them a surprise gift and they will eagerly go to the gift. Curiosity is a strong motivation to see what is on the other side.

Don’t Open This Email

The most common dating mistakes men make

Open this Email, But be careful

The death of email marketing

Who would have thought that he would do THAT


Everyone wants to have the latest, greatest thing on the market at this moment. So there is a big fear that they will not be able to get it. Fear is a powerful word to put in the Subject Line. Indicate that you are going to run out of something or there is a limited amount of time that you can act or sign up. A sense of urgency will make people open emails … NOW!

We only have three left

This is the last time you will see this product this year

OH NO! You are missing out!

Monday Only

Only a few people know this…