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Do You Still Need a Business Card?

The tradition has always been that when you meet a potential client or customer, you give them a business card. The business card has all of your contact information on it and maybe even your company logo. But, things have changed. Today, you put your phone number into the customer’s phone, add them to your email contact list and have them “like” and “follow” you on social media accounts. You can even take a picture of a business card and add it to your business card file you have on your phone. But, there is still big reasons that you should have business cards no matter if your business is small or big.The following is a list of a few reasons to print up business cards and pass them out to everyone you know!

Yes, you could always email someone all of your contact information, but then you would need their email address and putting it into your contact list. Yes, you can beam information back and forth between cell phones, but both phones have to be compatible and you could miss out on some really great contacts if their phone doesn’t work with yours. Handing someone a business card or taking one from another possible customer, gives you a greater chance of getting the contact information correct and having ALL of the information instead of just one piece of their story. Then there are people that you might run into that you would like to do business with who don’t have a digital device. If you want to let people know about your business and contact you for that information, you have to be ready to give them the information they need. And a business card will do exactly that!

Business cards are available no matter what the situation. If the power goes out and you have no internet or cell phone connection, a business card is right there to share your information. Bring them along on a remote camping, fishing or canoeing trip and pass them out to whomever you want to share your information. Get caught in an elevator? Hand out a few business cards while you wait to be rescued!
Business cards show off your business and proves to people that you are a legitimate business. Business cards provide credibility. People want to work with and shop in businesses that they feel are trustworthy. By offering a sharp looking business card with all of your contact details such as phone, cell, address, email, website and all social media pages, you prove that your business is viable and authentic.
Business cards can be great for promotional opportunities. When you put your card into the hands of another, you are promoting your business. But, create a foldover business card and you have designed a brochure. On the front is your traditional business card and open it up and you have a brochure with all of the details about your business. Attention grabbing graphics and informational text, tells everyone who you are. Or, you can make the card into a promotional item such as everytime the customer buys a certain product (like a cup of coffee) they have a hole punched in the card and when it is filled, they get the product for free!
The biggest advantage of business cards is that they facilitate networking. Virtual networking is essential for business and it works well, but, the eye to eye contact is what makes a relationship last longer. These networking contacts sealed with a business card are traditional and yet authentic. It is easier to develop business relationships, find business opportunities, and increasing sales when you are there in front of each other and a business card in one’s hand plays an important role.
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