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Stock Photography for your Website and Direct Mail Postcards

According to Shutterstock, “Stock photos are images that anyone can license for creative use. Rather than hire a photographer, designers can search a large database of photos and quickly find one that works for their project. Some of the most popular stock photos include people, travel destinations, animals, and food. This system also allows photographers to earn a steady source of income from their work, in the form of small royalty payments.

And… There are three main styles of stock photos, each with different licensing rules. There are Royalty Free stock photos that can be used over and over again. Then, there are the Rights Managed stock photos which depend on the usage of the photo, the exclusivity of the use of the photo and the image size. These types of photos have a changing value in the marketplace and the buyer can have the photo exclusively with a licensing agreement. And then there are photos that are in the Public Domain. These photos are free and can be used anywhere anytime without a license or purchase.

So, that all being said, you need to use pictures in your direct mail postcard, on your website, on your brochures and flyers and anywhere that you have direct mail. Pictures increase the value of all of these pieces because people are visual. They relate to a product or process or service by seeing it before they read it. Your message needs to be presented as the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words".

Stock photography can give you the excitement you need for your website. The right photo can increase the viewer’s retention rate. Instead of a block full of words,