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Effective Direct Mail Postcards

Working to generate new business is an everyday occurance in the world of marketing. You must work to keep your current customers engaged and happy and to bring in new ones that will feel the same way. Social media takes up more and more time and effort but staying with the well tested and true blue forever method of direct mail is the way to solidify a customer relationship. One of the most popular marketing methods continues to be direct mail postcards. Designing a postcard that stands out from the ever growing competition is a constant test of creativity. Effective postcards take careful thought and effort. The following are a few example of effective postcards and the features that help them stand out from all the others..

The creative postcard is one that grabs the attention of the reader right at the mailbox. The average person receives a ton of mail that is not considered “letters from home” and when they pull the mail out of the box, they want to see something that looks interesting. Designing a postcard that stands out is so important when conducting a direct mail campaign. The first way this can be done is to use vibrant colors, interesting fonts or striking images. Create a unique , unexpected picture that seems out of the ordinary and gives people a moment to chuckle. Put together a strong color combination that offers a contrast with a headline that makes them stop and think. Draw an emotion with the creativity and you are halfway home.

The informative postcard tell the world and the receiver who you are, what you are about and why you are mailing them. A prospect can not respond to you if they have no idea who you are. Your information should be on your direct mail postcard and said with interest and flair. Put your call to action with all of your information on one side and a valuable offer on the backside. Always assume that this is the first time the receiver has ever heard of you and show them everything that they need to know to do business.