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Realtor Social Media Campaigns

Social media is the place to be seen, heard, followed and read. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are the places where your audience hangs out. Because you use social media in your everyday life, it is just natural that you would use it to also generate leads. But, social media marketing is not just about making a post with a picture and a million people will come flocking to you. There are many ways that you can enhance and improve your campaigns that will generate new leads and make you and your company a household name.

The first place to start is the platform that people are the most familiar with which is Facebook. Using some clever options, Facebook helps you to grow your marketing programs by using some interesting features. You have the ability to have reviews. Clients can write a short paragraph explaining their wonderful experience using you as their realtor. You can put on your page all of the services that you and your real estate agency will offer their clients. Facebook will connect you to your Website, to your Twitter account and your Instagram page and even to every Pin on Pinterest! So, when you post a listing, a story, a sale or just a cute meme, you can share it on every social media platform that you use all at the same time.

When you post on your page any of your listing information or sales or stories, make sure that you encourage your friends and followers to share the information too. Each time there is a share, it increases the size of your audience by how many friends and followers the other people have. Essentially, if you have 100 friends and 20 of those people see your post and share it and they each have 100 friends and 20 of those people share it again, and then those people share it… in other words, hundreds, then thousands can see your listing, your sales and your stories just from a single post that is shared! This brings your message to a wider audience and generates more leads. Every post that you make should include the share and follow buttons.

But.. just sharing your information is not enough. You need to share the information of others. This makes things quite simple because you don’t need to create the posting content. Post the posts of other realtors who have interesting things to say, to teach and to understand. When you find really good content, it is great to share it and will give you a reputation of having authority in your industry.

When you post on one social media platform, make sure that you post on them all. You have friends who are friends on Facebook and maybe Instagram. But, if you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND Pinterest, you audience grows at least four times as great than just posting on one platform. Make yourself known far and wide by creating a solid character that your audience will get to know because they will see your postings all the time. You will want to reach your audience everywhere they go on social media.

Videos have swept through social media platforms as the new and best way to communicate your message. If you include a small clip that you filmed using your phone on your posting on Facebook and Twitter, your engagement increases by as much as 20% over a regular post. Add 360 degree videos standing on the front porch of a house that you are listing or the backyard views. Use video for a quick home tour on Facebook. Shoot a video walking up the front sidewalk and walking in the front door as an enticement to get people to attend your open house. I

When you post information about your campaign on social media, don’t go into great detail. Instead, create a landing page on your website that will convert people who are interested in contacting you, signing up for a newsletter or scheduling an appointment. Then, place the URL of the landing page at the end of your post so that they can instantly get more information by following the link. Design forms for the landing page that the viewer can fill out for the specific information they are looking for.

A very big point in being on social media for driving business is to be consistent with your postings. Don’t post one cool content piece and then not be heard from again for a week. The more you are seen the better the recognition of you, your business and your brand. Post something three to four times a day, every single day and you will watch your following grow. Keep your posts light and positive yet interesting and of value. Keep your opinions to yourself and stay on the subject of your business only.

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