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A Guide to Landing Pages

A Landing page is a web page that is created for marketing purposes for an advertising campaign and where a visitor lands if they click on a link or an ad. A landing page that is informational and well designed can increase your sales conversions. A landing page is a more specific place to take a visitor than the general website where they may need to travel around the site before they find what they are looking for. A landing page needs to be designed differently than a website and there are particular guidelines that you should understand in order for the page to be the most effective. The following are some of those guidelines that will help you with the design, content and framework that will make the landing page a benefit.

First, you have to decide what the goal of the landing page is. You will need to have an answer for why you brought the visitor to this page. Once you have a goal, then the design will be easy. After a goal, the expectation of the page will be needed. How many sales do you want to produce from this page? How many subscriptions, class sign ups, video trainings and requests for more information would you like to set at the standard? The landing page is the place to put the call to action and you will have to design a clear and precise one so that the visitor knows exactly what you want them to do. The call to action and the goal are partners in your landing page and one has everything to do with the other.

A landing page needs to be quick and easy to read. They should be extremely simple and be different than the rest of your website. Because a landing page has a specific goal, the addition of other information will not work. A visitor is here for just one purpose. The page should not have a lot of content, just enough to achieve the goal. It should be persuasive and well edited, only explaining the basic points. Remember, people are coming from somewhere else to get to this landing page and they have already shown interest in your offer. But, now that they are here, they want to start whatever process they need to get to what they want. Every sentence and every word on your landing page is serving a purpose, and that purpose is to support your call to action. Tell them what they want t