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Call Tracking and Return on Investment (ROI) Tracking

Data and statistics are interesting numbers to analyze. These numbers are the eyes into the soul of your direct marketing campaign. And, the data and statistical numbers give you an understanding of your target audience’s behavior and values. This allows for a better way to strategize your marketing approach and have a successful return on your investment. Measuring the data and analyzing the statistics can be done in a number of different ways. Call tracking is one way that is both reliable and efficient as it gathers data about your leads and customers.

Call tracking statistical numbers provide valuable data about which mailers produce calls and which ones don’t. Not only can they tell you which ad content works, the color combinations that attract, the size of the mailer that is the most effective, but they can tell you which call to action makes people respond, what geographic location should you put your targeting efforts, and which offers all produce telephone response calls. All of this information can be gathered simply by putting a special phone number on your direct mailing piece. Tracking telephone numbers are used to track each of your traditional and online advertising channels, so that you always know which ads are performing. The numbers are included in the direct mail pieces and a different telephone number in your online campaigns. When a call comes in, you will know just from the phone number, which channel produced the call. Call tracking can help you increase your direct mail campaign and its impact and effectiveness.

A special call tracking number can sometimes confuse a customer since it is different than your businesses main number. But, don’t worry about that when establishing a new phone number because that percentage of people who are confused is so low that most people think of a different number