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Snap Apart (Snap Pack) Mailers

Snap pack mailers receive some of the highest open rates due to their resemblance to bank notices, legal notices, insurance statements, and other important mailed documents. 

The most recognizable features of a snap pack mailer are the perforated dotted lines that appear on both sides and bottom of the outer envelope (or “shell). Recipients tear open the envelope from either side to reveal a folded one-sided or double-sided letter. 

On the outside of the letter is your return address and the recipient address. You can even add a call-to-action or urgency phrase to get an even higher chance at your mailer being opened and read. 

Inside of the letter, we can place any personalized letter content, complete with multiple merge fields and full text. 

The snap pack mailer is a different form of direct mail that will surely have your letters stand out from the usual direct mail pieces. 

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