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Real Estate Investor Yellow Letters

Starting at .10 cents/piece

Direct mail advertising allows real estate agents to pinpoint likely buyers and sellers by area and/or demographics (age, income, family size, etc).  Direct mail’s success is measurable. You know exactly how many were sent and can track how many bring in new leads and listing prospects. And it is fast! Design, proof, print and mail, all within minutes. Direct mail allows agents to save time so they can focus on what they do best.  

Direct Mail Marketing attracts new listing prospects regarding just sold and just listed properties. It drives traffic online to listings posted on your website and/or social networks. It announces an open house, hot property or neighborhood event. It builds brand awareness and forges a memory of your name and it also stays in touch with your sphere of influence and past clients​.

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Real Estate Investor Yellow Letters is one of the most popular ways for home flippers and real estate investors to attract potential sellers.


Everest Direct Mail uses 16lb yellow or white lined newsprint stock, which adds intense authenticity not offered anywhere else in the direct mail industry. We offer a wide array of different envelope colors and sizes to accommodate different engagement styles.


Features of our yellow letters program:

- Fully Customizable

- Fully Managed (choose when you want certain mail pieces delivered to households)

- Customized Hand Writing Font without the expense of actual handwriting

- Live Stamping envelopes makes your correspondence more authentic and increases engagement and response.​

Consistency is the most important variable to stress when it comes to marketing. This is where a marketing budget comes in super handy. You do not want to spend a large sum of money your first month, just to find that after 3 months you can no longer afford to send nearly as many mail pieces. That’s why figuring out exactly what you can consistently spend each month is absolutely crucial. By “touching” your potential client base consistently and on a schedule multiple times throughout the year you will be building your brand awareness! This keeps your company in the forefront of the client’s mind, putting you at the top of the list when it’s actually time to make the purchase or if a trigger event occurs for them to initiate the buying process.​

Great direct mail campaigns have the ability to capture a recipient’s attention, get them to read and process content, commit to the message, then execute a specific call to action. This is where your personalized message comes in, “We buy houses at a discount for CASH & quick closings”. Whatever the message is, it’s absolutely crucial to get your point across and not try to hide it but rather blast it out to your audience! Your message most certainly has appeal and the more efficiently you articulate it and showcase it the better and larger your Return on Investment will be. Also, you want to make sure you have the right kind of clientele contacting you. Think of your marketing piece an upfront filter for yourself to weed types of clients out that you are not interested in doing business with.​

Furthermore, this is where your response rate comes into play. It’s all about quality not quantity. Would you rather have a 90 % response rate with 0 deals or a 10% response rate with 4 deals on the table? You know the answer. That’s a huge amount of calls to sort through with ultimately no pay off in the end. This is why hyper focused laser targeting of your audience is so crucial. You want to be sending your Direct mail often enough and on a consistent basis that you are constantly creating new leads and clients on the back end of things. Piggybacking off of this notion, imagine it as your marketing snowball! One that may start off small at first, but as it grows in mass and speed the further along you get, the bigger and better your Return on Investment becomes in the long run!


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