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Here to help you climb to the top with direct mail

Hello! I’m Nataliya, and I’m one of the climbing instructors here (aka the lead account manager). A question I get asked often when setting up direct mail campaigns is “how do I keep track of the lists, letter templates, schedule, and everything else?!”

The easy answer is…you don’t! You send it to us and we handle it all. By organizing your lists, materials, and, most importantly, your mail schedule for you, we ensure your time will be spent answering calls instead of pouring over spreadsheets.

Meticulous organization for a mail campaign is just as important as having quality materials (both of which we provide).

Here’s how we organize the two most effective types of mail campaigns to build a successful return on your investment:

Drip campaigns: We set up a master mailing list, letter template, and an envelope template for your account. Then, on your chosen day of the week, we send out your specified amount of mail pieces from this master list merged into your prepared letter & envelope.

Weekly mail campaigns: For weekly mailings, you also choose a specific day of the week to mail out. We set you up with a letter & envelope template and each week you would provide us with a new or updated list that you’d like to mail out.

Just like a drip campaign, we handle everything with making sure the lists are ready to be properly merged into your letter and envelope.

These two direct mail campaign styles are a great way to ensure you’re steadily mailing with no pauses – and with us handling all the background work, you’re always in contact with potential clients without having to put hours into your marketing!

- Nataliya

P.S Checkout how we do live stamping in the video below!

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