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I’m new to Direct Mail and I don't want to feel overwhelmed

There is an infinite surplus of options for your mail-piece, and we're here to help you choose the most effective, and impactful piece while still being cost-effective fitting into your budget. Our mission is to provide you with seamless, easy-to-manage mail campaigns and give you the absolute highest ROI possible.

The do's and don'ts of mail campaigns:

Do: have an easily identifiable mail-piece that stands out. The options are endless when you want your mail-piece to "pop" in the recipient’s mailbox and not stay in the same "junk mail" pile that doesn't even get a second look, and goes directly in the trash. You can begin by using higher quality materials such as thicker paper or a heavier envelope, but you can also get very creative by adding in an insert such as a small card that can go on the prospect's refrigerator or even add a little note on the front of your envelope to increase your open-rates. One of my favorite’s that comes through production is a bright yellow envelope, with a nice thick letter, and a small note stating, “Important information about your home”

Don’t: have a pushy mail-piece, or be gimmicky. You want your potential client to have positive feelings when receiving and viewing your mail piece. Remember this is your initial contact with the recipient, and as with all situations you want to make a great first impression and not turn them off to your company.

Do: Ask for any advice you'd like from our expert sales team. They

are experienced in approaching each and every mail campaign individually to brainstorm a mail piece that will give you the highest return on your investment possible, while making each of your mailings easily trackable.

Don’t: attempt to track your ROI without using different reference codes or phone numbers for different lists

Do: Send your direct mail company the highest resolution images possible in order to make your mail-piece strikingly beautiful.