Marketing as a Real Estate Investor [part 3] - Synergy

In the past few blogs we have discussed some of the marketing tools that a Real Estate Investor should use, as well as Tracking your results. Today we will talk about the importance of maintaining synergy with your marketing mix.

Maintaining synergy with your other marketing tools:

There are many ways to market your business (which is great!) but that can add some complexities to your marketing, if you use a bunch of tools in your marketing mix.

Here are some marketing methods that you should use and that should work happily together.

-Direct Marketing Campaigns

-Online Presence (website, social media profile, etc.)

  • Direct Marketing:

  • Mail campaigns that direct recipients to call tracked phone #’s, visit custom landing pages, and enrolls the recipient in re-targeting campaigns so that your message follows them around the web.

  • Door hangers can be used effectively (and in low quantities) with this approach.

  • When you are working on a newly acquired property, drop off friendly Door hangers on the nearby/adjacent houses in the neighborhood. This will introduce you and your business to the neighborhood in a friendly and non-intrusive way, and will invite referrals and new business. (It may seem simple, but it can be effective, and takes almost no added effort on your part)

  • Email marketing can be a great tool for marketers. It may not be very helpful in getting you new properties, but can be used to effectively reach out to buyers (if you have a list of email subscribers at your disposal)

  • Online presence

  • Web-site & Landing pages

  • This is where synergy with your other marketing tools comes into play. We already know that when you use direct marketing, you will want to track your success by using a tracked phone number, and a unique landing page on your website so that you can see which marketing campaigns your leads came from. To create synergy, you need to use your chosen tools or marketing methods, in harmony with each other. For example, your direct mail campaign should invite recipients to call your tracked number, and visit your landing page (and/or follow your social media profile) that is specifically design for recipients of that direct mail campaign. If you follow this thought process for all of your marketing, you will see leads begin to convert at a higher rate, and stop slipping through the cracks in your marketing conversion funnels.

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