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Coupon Direct Mail

Starting a Coupon campaign can be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with your customers. It is a major step towards building a loyal customer base. Today, an astonishing 87% of American consumers use coupons. 95% of all shoppers not only like coupons but that 60% of them actively LOOK for coupons. So...why should grocery stores have all the fun?

Saving money is Value. Consumers want value and benefits and they will wait until they find both.

In this blog I am going to offer a few ideas for creating and co-oping coupons for clients and for prospective clients. In later blogs, we will show how to write a coupon and where to send them, post them and where to distribute them. But first, let’s figure out the subject of the coupons.

I have moved over 30 times in my life and with each move came anxiety. Where was the closest grocery store; what time does the mail arrive; will the neighbors be nice and...where is the toilet paper. Moving, especially to a new town can be unnerving on top of exhausting. A nice package of coupons can offer some relief.

Many of the basic questions for a new buyer can be answered with community coupons. Best Italian restaurant; Affordable car tuneup; Great Hair Salon in town. Many Chamber of Commerce’s offer community coupon books. If you are a member, you can ask the Chamber for copies to fill your “Welcome Home” baskets.

You can also negotiate for special discounts for your clients from individual businesses. By developing “coupon partners” and Co-oping coupons, you’re giving them business. Coupon partners will send people your way before any of the other competition because you’re sending them a constant flow of business.You are also giving your clients an opportunity to explore their new area at a special price, specially designed for them. Make sure to add YOUR name and number on the coupons too.

Ideas for Coupons from Community Business:

  • Coffee Shops

  • Pizza Delivery

  • Daycare Centers

  • Grocery Stores

  • Veterinarians

  • Carpet Cleaners

  • Interior Decorator

  • Furniture Stores

  • Hair Salon

  • Babysitters

  • House Cleaners

  • Handyman

  • Lawn Services

  • Painters

At Everest Direct Mail and Marketing, we create professional-looking coupons, complete with your own logo. We feature high-value content to get the best reach possible for prospective clients.

Our coupons are fully customizable and allow you to connect with your community. This customization makes our coupons even more informative and effective. The possibilities are endless!

Coupons can advertise new services, products and offer special discounts. Coupon Direct Mail is a powerful way to build and maintain your client base.

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