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Every Door Direct Mail

Staying connected has become a very critical part to our daily lives. The Internet and social media has allowed everyone everywhere to create a life beyond your neighborhood and your town. You can easily buy this week's groceries and have them delivered to your door and your children can be fully educated while sitting at the kitchen table. You need directions to a place you have never been before? Your app on your cell phone tells you how to get there. Need a recipe for tonight's dinner? Find an entire meal planned on the internet! Life is alive and well right there on your computer, laptop, tablet and phone. and advertising goods and services are right there, too. However, there is a need for something that is a little bit more physical like a package or a letter.

Getting in touch with people in a more personal manner can be a bit of a trick. The United States Postal Service created a service known as the Every Door Direct Mail, or E.D.D.M. E.D.D.M has become very popular in the real estate sector. This service is a easy way in which you can connect with potential clients without needing contact information. You can reach people without knowing their names or even their street address.

EDDM can eliminate the costs associated with mailing lists, reduce postage costs, and target local areas using postal route demographics. Household income, age, home ownership, gender, children, and also geographic metrics such as distance and drive-time can be a part of the demographic client you are looking for. Every Door Direct Mail is a low-cost and targeted direct mail solution that often delivers more visibility and higher returns. It can deliver mail not only by address, but also by postal carrier routes. A carrier route includes a group of streets that are in a similar area such as a ZIP Code.