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There are so many ways to get your name and business out into the community where your prospects are. In order to compliment your post cards, yellow letters and direct mail offerings, there are magnets, calendars, notepads, sports and festival schedules and even personalized door hanger bags plus many more things for you to send. Here is a list of things for enticing prospects to become your client and who will use the items and see your name.

Magnetic calendars are great for the side of a refrigerator and to keep the family on schedule. A calendar is looked at several times a day every day in the average household and that means that a calendar keeps your name in their household all year long! Make calendar magnets your most effective marketing piece. Mail them or hand them out. These essential marketing pieces are the solution to achieving your long-term marketing goals.

Magnetic Notepads are promotional gifts for every day! Give clients, prospects and any others you meet a Magnetic Notepad. Inexpensive and practical, they again have your name and recognition factor, right at the top. Send out notepads with each new season with a coordinating piece of artwork at the tip. Or send a “To Do” list, a “Grocery List”, “Dad’s List” and “School” list to mix things up and keep your name fresh in clients' minds.

Magnetic football schedules are perfect for the local community. Pick a design that allows several local teams to be featured. Have your name prominently displayed at the top and then distribute through your mailers and at local sports stores and restaurant and bars.

Car magnets are the greatest creations for anyone in a business. Business on the Move!

Put your photo, logo and contact information on a sign and put it on your car and your information will be seen by everyone everywhere you go!

Magnetic school schedules are essential in families with school age children. Promote yourself the entire school year long with your logo in the design. Work with the schools to get their calendar and help parents and teachers keep track of important dates throughout the school year.

Magnetic festival schedules not only promote you and your business but all of the wonderful festivals, concerts, holidays and parades in your town. Again, work with the Chamber of Commerce to get their calendar and feature your contact information in the design.

Then there are the items that are NOT magnetized such as personalized pens that you can pass out or leave everywhere. Bottle openers and food scrapers come in handy for everyone and they are extra special with your name printed on them. Pizza tongs and melon slicers, ice cream scoops and salad serving sets, shot glasses and pocket knives are all items that can have your name on them and people use them regularly.

Then, there are Door Hanger Cards.These are greeting cards that are hand delivered with all of your business information and left hanging on front doors. Stickers with your name or your Logo to use on envelopes or in your letters, keep the business information at the forefront. And finally there are Envelope Seals. These stickers in clever shapes like footballs, hearts and hard candy add a personal touch and can help you stand out in the crowd of the pile of mail!

Everest Direct Mail and Marketing has helped countless businesses generate direct mail and email campaigns, as well as websites, email campaigns, outbound calling campaigns and so much more.We cannot wait to support your marketing needs!

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