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Self-Mailers for Direct Mail Campaigns

A self-mailer is marketing material that's mailed without an envelope. It can be a postcard, a brochure or a catalog. Their simple design and eye-catching appearance can get the attention needed to get the piece opened. A direct mail self-mailer can boost your small business marketing. A direct mail self mailer can help you stand out and attract new prospects. And it can be more cost effective than both traditional advertising or email marketing.

Direct mail has the ability to target a particular group of customers and you can get a precise message to the exact audience. Whether it is the people who live in a specific zip code or a particular demographic, you can pinpoint the right people for your business. Self mailers have several advantages over other types of direct mail pieces when it comes to those people you have targeted. First, they cost less! They are only one sheet folded to be their own envelope instead of a letter sheet and an envelope! You also don’t have to stuff an envelope saving time and money. Postage is also cheaper if you send the mailer to everyone in a service area using the U.S. Postal Service's Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service.

A striking design on the envelope which folds out into a full letter size can attract the attention of the receiver. Photos, interesting artwork and a powerful statement can all be put on the outside which then unfolds into the main content. The theme is right there from the very beginning.

Special offers, special events and announcements work well on a self mailer. If you have sent several mailings to your mail list, then they are in the routine of receiving and then expecting your information. When you have an open house, or a fantastic new listing or a change in your business, self mailers are perfect for putting a headline and a picture on the outside with all of the news on the inside. Self mailers also have a good response rate. Self-mailers work well if your message is written in short, to the point blocks with graphics and outstanding images.

Use bold colors and high quality, interesting photographs and higa fine quality paper for your self mailers. Sometimes embossing, metallic inks and foil stamping can be just the thing to make your piece stand out from the rest of the mail. Your text on the outside should be written to persuade the viewer to take a look on the inside.

Self-mailers are an exclusive type of direct mail marketing material – they’re like postcards, where the mail piece is mailed as-is, without the need for an envelope or other type of wrapper. The difference of not having an envelope will grasp attention and you don’t have to worry about open rates as there is nothing hiding the content. These self-mailers can have a significant impact on your customer response rates because the letter content can remain as official as a real letter but be as easy to read as a postcard. The simplicity and flexibility of the self-mailer will aid in quick reading for the customer and a high chance of customer response. Everest Direct Mail and Marketing has helped countless businesses generate direct mail and email campaigns, as well as websites, email campaigns, outbound calling campaigns and so much more.

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