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Brochures and Direct Marketing

A brochure should have vital information, interesting photos and art, contact information and be simple and easy to read. Too many brochures that we receive in our mailboxes are so packed with content, that it feel like you are reading a novel. Designing a brochure that someone will pick up and read can be a bit tricky. The following is a list of ideas, advice and directions that can help you produce brochures that will get picked up and read.

First, simple design is the best way to approach any marketing materials. The title should be in a clean typeface with a white or lighter background. Clean and simple and easily read from far away is what you are looking for in a title.

When opening a brochure, a surprise piece of art can make a big impact on the first page. A piece of art that creates an explosion will make the reader open the brochure even further. A pop of color against a plain background can bring the message forward

As you go about designing the brochure, make sure that every fold and page work together to make it a cohesive unit. Each element should work together to create a solid piece. Using different types of paper stock can create a piece that has a message. Recyclable materials create an environmentally friendly brochure and makes a green statement. Paper that is glossy and using steel grays and silver can give an industrial feel. Contrast between the dark pages and the bright color helps to add an interesting dimension to a dull subject.Create a unique illustrative style with bright colors and line work that creates a youthful and hip effect.

The size of a brochure can affect what you want done with it. A large three fold on heavy stock can be cumbersome for someone wanting to keep the piece for further information. But, it can also have enough beauty in its visual attributes that unfolded, it can turn into a map or even a framable picture. If you create a concise small brochure, it can easily fit into a purse or a back pocket. Also consider how you are going to display the brochure. If they are going to be displayed in piles, their size and shape will matter so the stack stays put. If they are going to be displayed standing upright in a desktop box, your title and information will need to be seen immediately.

Print a variations of the same brochure with the same information. Just a simple realignment in the order of the layout makes each one look different from the others. This can help a reader to pick up the one that immediately attracts them.Use a different photograph along with a different color and it gives each one its own personality. Rearrange your message with a simple change in wording and it can be more attractive to some people. And most important, think outside of the box. Approach the subject matter from its energy level. If it is a high power company, show the high energy with the colors and the words. If it is a calming company, choose colors, fonts and message that give a calming effect.

Typography is the style and appearance of printed words. It is an art